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The Passion of Juan Miguel Anna K. Sargent

The Passion of Juan Miguel

Anna K. Sargent

Published August 4th 2014
Kindle Edition
334 pages
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 About the Book 

Juan Miguel, the heir of a wealthy Spanish ranching family whose love of a woman sent him on a twisted journey, returns to Galveston a grieving widower. Seeking refuge in the persona of Senor Zamora, one of his many disguises, he is shanghaied into helping a group of dockworkers in their strike against wealthy ship owners. At one of their protests, he encounters a priest from a former life who persuades him to return a few months later as Jean Marc LaBlanc, a rowdy Cajun fisherman, with the dangerous mission of spying on a ring of smugglers in league with the shippers.Jean Marc puts together a crew to man his small fishing boat and sails up and down the Texas coastline trolling for information on how the shippers are staying afloat with only a small contingent of Negro workers to replace the dockworkers. He befriends a beautiful Irish girl and her brother, one of the strike leaders, as well as a lovely Italian girl, a talented singer whose father owns a fleet of fishing boats.Caught between his feelings for two women and conflicted by memories of his beloved Marguerite, he navigates a world populated with colorful emigrants, rich dilettantes, and corrupt businessmen, all the while running from a county sheriff who has discovered his true identity.Handsome, loyal, brave, and cunning, this caballero continues to reinvent himself over and over as he battles the rich and powerful.