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The Vinyl Closet: Gays in the Music World Boze Hadleigh

The Vinyl Closet: Gays in the Music World

Boze Hadleigh

Published April 1st 1991
ISBN : 9780962349799
237 pages
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 About the Book 

From the introduction, written by Leonard Bernstein right before his death, to the epilogue, Hadleigh provides the reader with another fascinating Hollywoodtype teaser of who has/is/may have done what in the music industry. Filled with tabloid quotes, out of context statements and interviews with the anonymous star and/or executive, people from Piaf to Merman to lang (sic) are painted as stars benefiting from their gay and lesbian followings while hating them as in Merman’s ease, embracing them as did Piaf, or possibly joining in as is suggested in lang’s case.The author lapses from his music theme by occasionally including actors, actresses, and movie directors. It’s unfortunate as the space could have been used to include more recording artists- Melissa Etheridge comes to mind. As one of the stated goals of the author is to provide a “starting point” of documentation of the roles gay, lesbian, and bisexual artists have played in the music industry, the inclusion of the movie industry seems to be out of place.However, the book is a lot of fun. Buy a copy and sit it next to Hollywood Babylon or even with one of the author’s previous works, Conversations With My Elders.