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One Door Away From Heaven Dean Koontz

One Door Away From Heaven

Dean Koontz

Published 2001
ISBN : 9780739422977
893 pages
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 About the Book 

The one about the little boy alien and the dangerous young mutant.I like this book its one of my favorite Koontz books. Ill say this, you wont find this exact plot elsewhere. It draws you in and gets you involved with the participants. Its between a 4 and a 5...but I figure it tipped the scales and went on to a 5. As I said a favorite among Koontzs work for me...Ive read it several times.What else can I say? Not much without spoilers. Theres a bit of laughter here, a dose of tears and some great lines in the mouths of some great characters. I mean what other book offers shape changing aliens, a dangerous young mutant, a psychopathic serial killer, an insane drug addict, someone who cant tell the difference in their own memories and the old movies theyve seen, a P.I., alien bounty hunters, a hoarder,....and Amazons? Oh yeah and possibly Gabby Hays, though in all honesty it turns out to be a lookalike. Hope that isnt too much of a spoiler.Buckle up join in. The book has laughter, pathos, action, and storytelling, not to mention an actual plot and the above mentioned fully formed characters.5 stars. Highly recommended, enjoy.