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Teaching the Child Under Six James L. Hymes Jr.

Teaching the Child Under Six

James L. Hymes Jr.

Published August 28th 1990
ISBN : 9780940139176
194 pages
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 About the Book 

This book is really OK. The best thing about it is that it is pretty short and comes up with some clear language to talk about why working with young children is important and different from working with people of other ages. But I feel confident that there is equally good language and thinking in many other books about working with children.The book was written in 68 by a white man, and it really shows. His choice of pronouns was pretty frustrating. Also even though it was clear that he had a liberal take on patriotism there were some ways that he invoked nationalism that I thought we problematic. In addition the insistence on universal early childhood education seems both a little old school and is not something that really resonates with me.Still reading this book was a good way to keep some things that I do believe are true about early childhood education in my mind. Like: The world is new to young children, they actually do not know better than to run indoors, yell, hit, throw things, etc. The reality is it may be only their hundredth time trying anyone of those behaviors out. The goal of early childhood work should be to make the early years the most enjoyable years possible, not to prepare children for later years. Children get to be two when they are two without worrying about whether they are prepared for twelve.